Lock Your Meds Licensing

Are you interested in licensing the Lock Your Meds campaign in your local community? Please see below table of costs for some common licensing options we provide. For more information, please contact Audri Amoro at aamoro@informedfamilies.org

Licensing Costs

 Item Cost*
Billboards $350/image/county/year
TV PSA $350/PSA/county/year
Radio PSA $250/PSA/county/year
Movie Theater Ads $350/PSA/county/year
Online Ads $250/image/county/year
Bus Ads $350/image/county/year
Parent Guide $350/guide/county/year
Poster $250/image/county/year
Meducation Guide $350/county/year
Print Ads $250/image/county/year
Pharmacy Bags $250/image/county/year
Leave Behinds $250/county/year
Rack Cards $350/card/county/year


*Discounts available for large counties/statewide efforts